How to save image in twinmotion

how to save image in twinmotion

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TWINMOTION 2023.2 TUTORIAL SERIES - 29 ( Lumen - Image \u0026 Animation )
- [Instructor] Now once you have your scene the way that you want, you can start to export images for you presentations. So let's take a look at. You can save the view, which sets render settings (white model, photo render, backgrounds, effects, lighting etc), view (camera) position, sun angle, etc. This. After rendering a 3D view, you can save the image as a project view. In a project, rendered images display in the Project Browser under Views (all).
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So the answer is no, you can't save the image in the Archicad file, but its not too much hassle to streamline the process. One of the forum moderators. Changing the Output Size of an Image or Video. Our friendly community is here for you.