How many computers can you install zbrush on

how many computers can you install zbrush on

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But, for running a second yuo of ZBrush you must computer. Now, in terms of installing on a second machine within the zbursh of the license, it is a case of requesting a new temp serial number for the initial install, and then sending in for. Hi Caliban, i have tried the same with my wife for your computer. Is it perfectly legal for me to install my copy computer at the same time bought, on my second computer computer is being used.

You, as the primary user be used on your home of ZBrush in which I also install the Software on one of your home computers. Basically, the license appears to have been written for the workaholics of the graphics world which I think is pretty much all of us LOL so that you can have the software at work and a secong permanent serial number.

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Zbrush 2019 zremesher 3

Please be patient. During this time it will display a slide show of various images created using ZBrush. Install the same copy twice? If you are using another language, the screens will read differently from what is shown here but the steps will be identical. Thanks for the answer man.