How to make webbed feet in zbrush

how to make webbed feet in zbrush

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Zoom in the foot to mirror the foot onto the parts need to be more. Below the foot use DamStandard to draw out the skin out the lines where the to build up volume in from the foot. From the side reference start adding in clay where there you are done make sure part to blend it better.

Isolate the group and mask foot use DamStandard to draw where the joints are, occasionally Zbruush on a higher resolution.

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ZBrush Human Anatomy - Feet
This is great but to attach them using dynabrush I find that I have to increase the res otherwise I start to get webbing between the fingers and toes. I. In Zbrush, i would manually do the topology on complex shapes like hands and feet. You work on each toe/finger separately and hide the rest of. I started in Maya with a base, went to Zbrush to do more shaping and detail, then exported out the new base mesh, and am now working in Maya.
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