When zbrush says click do they mean left or right

when zbrush says click do they mean left or right

Zbrush default brick

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10 Ways To Fix The ZBrush User Interface
It's consistent with Blender itself (left click is used to select items in the Outliner, for example). Right click selection is not only a major stumbling block. Right+click navigation will continue to work and you can scale/position your model how you want. Clear the background again anytime by pressing Ctrl+N. Actually, the Alt+click+release Alt key combination is what it is because once you ARE used to it, it's very fast. You'll find that ZBrush's keyboard shortcuts.
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An amazingly powerful feature of ZBrush is the ability to create your own menus, and even place submenus within them. This makes it impossible to accidentally move anything around or delete it from the tray. Dont try to be all that others want you to be. Yup, implying someone is changing the Blender interface just so they can sell more training materials is a sure-fire way to convince them of your point of view. This is a convenient way to hide all but the menus that you want to be available in your interface.